Pewter counters are a high-end product. Their production is entirely handcrafted, done in an artisanal manner.

The process begins with melting pewter ingots to create the borders of each counter. Once heated to 210°C, the liquid pewter is poured into our molds. The reshaped plates are then applied to custom-made wooden frames and welded together. The raised edge is shaped to create a reinforcement on which the borders will be attached. The borders are then welded together, scraped and filed. They are subsequently mounted onto the counter. The top of the counter is scraped with a rasp and a scraper to perfect the finish. The tools have remained the same for over 90 years. It still takes 12 to 15 hours of manual labor to produce one linear meter of a "Zinc." The tools have changed little: the gouge, hammer, scratch brush, rasp, file, and scraper. A custom-made counter represents an average of 100 hours of work. Approximately ten countertops are produced in the workshops each month.

Our molds range from 1870 to 2020, and we do not use metal spinning. The thickness of our pewter is 2.5 mm on the top and goes up to 3 cm for the borders. This gives us the patina and incomparable touch that endures through the years. We can also create a custom mold or border to meet your specifications.

The technical language of a pewter bar top

The internal raising

With an internal raising

Without any internal raising

  1. Top width
  2. Edge height
  3. Height raising 5mm to 15mm
  4. Flat part with an internal raising
  5. Wood plate with a 30mm or 2x18mm thickness
  6. Wood outgrowth varying according to the edge
  7. Flat part without any internal raising

The traditional raising and the modern raising

Traditional raising of 15 mm

Modern raising of 5 mm

Without any raising

We offer 3 types of raising for your bar top :

The traditional style with a 15mm height with or without any internal raising.
The modern style with a 5mm height with or without any internal raising.
The simple style without any raising (entirely flat), no edge profile nor any internal raising.

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